“We live in the days of extremism or extinction. These are the only choices we are given. I took my pick, and I didn’t stutter when I said it.”

Lanse Edwards, 2019-05-10

Propaganda is like alcohol: There is no hatred for it more intense than that which burns in the heart of a man who wakes up after having drunk too much of it.

Propaganda is like alcohol: No one hates it with as much burning intensity as the man who wakes up after drinking far too much of it.

Propaganda is like alcohol: The man who wakes up after having drunk far too much of it will hate it with a burning anger that the teetotaler can never match.

Within all of us are three voices:

  1. The voice of philosophy asks: “Is performing this action moral? What are the implications of performing this action? If we perform this action, what principles do we support, and which do we reject?”
  2. The voice of analysis discusses: “What are the costs and benefits of this course of action, relative to all other potential courses of action?”
  3. The voice of discipline declares: “You shall perform this action. You must, and you can, and you will.”

In matters of life and death – in matters of birth and war – the voice of discipline must take center stage.


What is it, to be a man? To be a man is to be a provider, and a leader.

Do not panic. SERIOUSLY. Fear is fine; men do not panic.

What does a leader do? For one, he tells those he leads what to do – that’s obvious, and perhaps the essence of leadership (though good leadership requires more). He ought also to model proper behavior. When someone encounters a challenging, frightening, dangerous, confusing, or otherwise threatening situation–especially if the situation is novel–they will look to their leader. Leaders do not only teach others what to do in a particular situation; they teach others how to feel about a particular situation. Hence, a leader teaches not only correct actions, but also correct emotional responses.

With respect to combat, certain firearms are better than others. That said, all firearms share an essential characteristic: Nobody would like to be shot at with them.