“For the rich never spend any gold of their own, /
Sure they hold it away like a dog and its bone, /
But they end on their back among nettles and stones, /
And I hear there’re no pockets in shrouds. /

While the rich count their gold we’ll count children instead, /
And we’ll raise them up true and stout-hearted.”

George Millar, “The Rake”, a folk song performed by the Irish Rovers, Dublin, Ireland, 1963. Note that the text quoted above is Millar’s written rendition of a song that has been passed down and modified through dozens of generations; therefore, like most works composed through oral tradition, it is difficult to assign definite and absolute authorship.
  1. Recognize that contraception and abortion are transsexualism.

To begin, ask yourself: “What is the most fundamental and important difference between men and women?”. Here are some wrong answers:

  1. “Women have breasts” – No. Ever seen a fat kid at a pool?*
  2. “Men have more upper-body strength” – This is true, but do you really think this is the most important sex difference?
  3. “There are cognitive differences between men and women” – There indeed are cognitive differences between the sexes, but they aren’t huge, and where do they stem from?

*Full disclosure: In HS, I was that fat kid.

Simply put, the most important difference between men and women is that sex naturally leads to pregnancy for women, whereas this isn’t true for men. This sex difference is not only the most significant, but also the root of all other differences (i.e. the fact that childbearing is a larger investment for women than for men is the root of cognitive and personality differences, such as women’s typically-greater selectivity towards sex partners, and men’s prioritization of youth as a factor in considering a woman’s attractiveness).

I think that this is in fact a very progressive view; I’m arguing that “ability to become pregnant” is what separates men and women, rather than saying something like:

“The difference is that women should wash the dishes HAHAHA” or “the difference is that the programming gene is on the Y-chromosome HAHAHA” or “when two X-chromosomes combine, it activates the sweep-the-floor gene HAHAHA” or similar nonsense.

Contraception and abortion are two tools that erase this difference, and, in effect, “make women more like men” (in that women no longer become pregnant from sex, or, at the least, no longer need to carry their pregnancies to term). The Left would like you to believe that this is progress, which is patently absurd: making a formerly-oppressed group more like the formerly-oppressing group is not “progress” by any means. Would the Left suggest that British people hand out tubes of taxpayer-funded skin whitening cream to Indians in order to reverse the harmful effects of the British Raj by “making Indians more like Brits”? Would the Left suggest that white Americans hand taxpayer-funded hair-straightening irons to African-Americans in order to undo the harmful effects of slavery? Of course not: yet making women “similar to men” is a major point in the Leftist agenda.

A woman who uses contraception or engages in abortion is, in effect, a female-to-male transsexual: she may not *look* like a man, but she is masculine in the most important sense of the word: she will no longer bear children as a result of sex. Indeed, a woman who takes birth control is more of a transsexual than any of the bearded pregnant “men” you’ve seen: a biological woman who removes her breasts, grows a beard, and yet is still fertile, is more of a woman than a typical girl who swallows birth control pills, has an IUD installed, etc. The most important difference between women and men isn’t beard growth, or breast development, but fertility.

In fact, women who use contraception are female-to-male transsexuals in the most complete sense of the word. It isn’t possible for a man to become a “complete” male-to-female transsexual, because he will never be able to give birth; he will never have the ability to perform that one biological function that defines womanhood. Fertility can not be constructed in a man, but it *can* be destroyed in a woman – and women who do destroy their fertility are female-to-male transsexuals in such a complete sense that it might, actually, be reasonable to call them “men”.

This has two practical consequences:

-If you are a man, and engage in intercourse with a woman who is using birth control (contraception), or who might get an abortion, then you are having sex with a female-to-male transsexual; with someone who was born a woman but has become “like a man” according to the most important measure of masculinity and femininity (namely: fertility). This is arguably homosexual behavior.

-If you are a woman, and engage in intercourse regularly with a man, and at some point in that relationship, stop using contraception (such as might occur following an agreement with that man that you are ready for children), then your action of stopping birth control has caused him to cease engaging in homosexual activity. This is a form of “gay conversion therapy”, and illegal in many jurisdictions at present.